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I completed my Biokinetic internship in 2004 at Sports Science Institute of South Africa and have since worked in the rehabilitation, chronic disease and health sector for over 15 years.

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Your initial consultation will be 60 minutes. It will involve a discussion of your unique case history, a physical assessment of your posture and movement, and I will always prescribe some homework exercises. What I hope to teach you is a better understanding of how exercise can help your condition, to teach you some body awareness relating to your injury, as well as education on how to manage your injury at home or work

What you need:
For your first consultation you will need comfortable exercise clothing that allow you to move. For lower limb injuries I prefer that you wear shorts, for upper limb or spinal injuries, please wear a sports bra / crop top (if applicable) which enables me to do a better postural assessment. Feel free to bring along any scans, medical documents, doctor’s referrals to the consultation. You will be asked to fill in a patient information and informed consent form on your first visit

Rehabilitation specific Time line:

There is no way of knowing how long the rehabilitation process will take: this really differs for everyone.

However, it is seldom a quick fix. One consultation may not cure all but it is a step in the right direction and will provide you with some good education and injury awareness.

Regular training is recommended, however this might not be possible for everyone. Being diligent with your exercise homework and following our advice will definitely show results. If you lack the discipline to do this on your own, then I suggest supervised training.

This means that we can keep an expert eye on you and provide feedback on the subtle nuances to the exercises, until you are feeling more confident to do it on your own

Remember:  the road to recovery is a journey. You may not be there yet. But you are much closer than you were yesterday

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078 040 5070

Wynberg Boys high school property, Herschel Walk, Wynberg Cape Town


Silverwater Street, Kirstenhof

Home visits also available


The practise is registered with most medical aid funds in South Africa for your claiming purposes. However we are not contracted into these funds, therefore it is necessary that you settle your biokinetic account first and then claim this back from your medical insurer, .Please contact your specific medical aid should you have any queries regarding biokinetic claims

Initial assessment (60 min)    : R540

Individual sessions (45 – 60 min) : R375

Pilates: R100 per class.

General fitness: (60 min – not claimable from medical aid) R330. Partner training can be arranged for 2 people and 3 people at a discounted rate

Group exercise sessions: R80 per class

T’s and C’s

Our price increases each year in alignment with medical aid set rates.

Sessions must be cancelled 24 hours in advance. If not they will still be charged for. This is a small business enterprise – please respect our time and income

Payment can be made on the day via cash, card or EFT.