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Michelle Moxley Biokineticist

Southern Suburbs Cape Town

Primary Services

Exercise is a form of therapy, and this therapy can be used for various conditions

Orthopedic and joint injury rehabilitation.

We prescribe specific exercises to help aid the rehabilitation process for joint injuries. Some examples may include joint replacements (knee, hip, shoulder repair), joint strains and sprains (ligament damage and repair,muscle tears, labral issues), spinal injuries and overuse syndrome

Chronic disease and lifestyle management

It is proven that exercise has a beneficial effect and can aid healing for specific long term conditions. We prescribe exercises to help you manage your condition, for example: arthritic conditions, osteoporosis, postural correction, stroke and cardiac complications, diabetes and insulin resistance.


We are passionate in sharing the benefits of exercise. Whatever your goal we aim to make it fun so it becomes something you absolutely love doing. Program prescription is specific to your goal: functional training, weightloss, sports specific strength and conditioning, injury prevention

Other Services

Discovery Services

  • Discovery Health checks
  • Discovery Vitality Fitness assessments
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This includes:

Discovery fitness testing

Fedhealth weight management program assessments

Weight Management Programs

  • Fedhealth 12-week WM program
  • Polmed 12-week WM program
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I am available to help with corporate wellness events, this includes

Health screening and assessments

Select from:  body posture, body composition, blood pressure, glucose levels, random cholesterol testing, lung function, heart rate, fitness, muscle strength, endurance, flexibility

Fitness testing: aligned tomedical aid or custom made for your company

Health Coaching: providing education on communicable diseases and how to manage lifestyle changes in order to improve health



Pilates is a form of exercise designed to build a strong core, posture and good muscle tone

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Pilates is a well designed exercise system which works every muscle in your body, in order to improve circulation to every fibre and tissue of the body, with all the benefits that improved circulation will bring. It will increase your core strength, stamina and flexibility. It is highly adaptable which means ANYONE can do it and seek benefit from it. Whether you are a beginner or advanced pilates student, you will find each class challenging and varied. It helps with body awareness, coordination, posture control, back strength and stability and muscle activation.

It can be used as a form of therapy for people with specific spinal conditions and alignment patterns, for general strength training, as well as enhancing your current sporting ability. Athletes find pilates an EXTREMELY beneficial form of exercise to complement their own sport specific training.

Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Exercise aids in strengthening joints and areas in the body which have been affected by injury or surgery

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Pre / post operative exercise prescription

Many orthopaedic surgeries will require some exercise therapy after an initial rest period. Your surgeon will most likely advise you on this. This intricate rehabilitation is all about getting the correct muscle firing pattern and strength in place in order to return you back to full function. Pre-operative rehabilitation is also extremely beneficial. It has been proven to decrease your recovery time after surgery as you have already laid a good strength foundation.

Pre / Post Natal

Specific exercises can bring about many health benefits for your pregnancy journey or post natal once you welcome your new edition into the world!

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Pregnancy can bring about so many changes in your body. Some people sail through the experience, others battle with symptoms like lower back pain, pelvic and sacroiliac pain, general joint pain and laxity, mobility, circulatory issues, pelvic floor dysfunction to name a few. Exercise has been proven to help with these symptoms as well as continuously boost your mood, endorphin levels and fitness. Happy mommy equals a happy baby… now who doesn’t want that?

Post natal classes can commence as soon as your GP has given you the go-ahead. Baby is welcome to come along. We try to ensure that mommy and baby are bonding whenever they can and this includes exercise sessions.

Sports Specific and Peak Performance Training

Sports specific training program will enhance your performance and help with injury prevention

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The sports arena is becoming more and more competitive, with athletes seeking professional help to increase their performance. Coaches are pushing their teams for better results. General coaching programs are great but I cannot stress enough: there must be a level of individualisation to these programs as no two athletes are the same. Should your goal be sports specific I will create an exercise program which is specific to your sport and SPECIFIC to YOU.

That means I will analyse your sport, your posture and alignment, strength and flexibility levels, cardiovascular fitness and heart rate response, proprioception and coordination in order to determine what exercise intervention is best for you..

General Fitness

Fitness goals differ for each person, and we develop your training program based on the best outcome for these goals

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Exercise is meant to be fun and rewarding. Not painful and demotivating, I hope to make it as enjoyable as a possible so that you can realise what you are capable of as well as how fun it can be to do.

  • Weight loss: Should you have a specific weight-loss goal, I would always recommend that you consult with a dietician who can structure a program to address your nutritional  needs while we work on the fitness needs
  • Low muscle tone is a condition which requires specific exercises to address the joint stability as well as muscle strength. This can affect children as well as adults and can vary in it`s severity Exercise helps to increase the stability of the joint and tone of the muscle, encourage better posture and movement.


Chronic Disease Management

Regular exercise has been proven to help manage chronic conditions by effecting physiological changes in the body

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If you have been affected by any of these conditions, then you will appreciate how important exercise is as a form of therapy for you

  • cardiac conditions- conditions that have affected your heart`s function,
  • stroke or any condition resulting in any neural deficit disorders
  • diabetes (type I and type II)
  • insulin resistance
  • metabolic disease
  • respiratory disorders
  • arthritis

Exercise has multiple benefits for these specific conditions which work on the body`s physiological systems in order to improve your function. Exercise should form part of your ongoing care plan for physical and mental benefit.

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